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Ricky Nelson was born the yongest son of Ozzie and Harriet. Along with his older brother David and his parents ricky costarred in The radio/tv program "The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet." America wacthed the two boys grow up and felt like part of the Nelson family. After doing some small movie roles Ricky decided to give a try at singing. The nation got heir first hear of his voice on episode of "The Adventures..." in 1957. Requests for the single were outstanding, and "I'm Walkin" reached #17 and the flip side, "Teenagers Romance", #2. From there things just progresed.

Ricky's singing carried on strong to the end of the fifties, thru the sixties, right into the seventies and still did heavy touring in the eighties. Through out this time Ricky recorded true classics like "Lonsome Town," Poor Little Fool," "Never Be Anyonelse," Hello Marylou," "Garden Party," nad a truck load of others. Rick also found his into love and married the beautiful blonde bombshell daughter of football legend Tom Harmon, Kristin in 1963. The two had four children, actress Tracy Nelson, Rock duo Nelson, Mat and Gunner.

Saddly, during a tour in 1985 Ricky was killed in a plain crash but he will never be forgotten.

Today his sons, Gunner and Matthew, keep the music in the family alive. Both Ozzie And Harriet have passed.

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